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About Our Company

Border PC, formally known as Stateline PC Repair, has been providing technical solutions to both residential and commercial clients since early 2000. Over the last seventeen years, we have obtained great success by providing solutions that have allowed our clients to achieve success in their business ventures.

We learned a long time ago that technology hosts multiple solutions to achieve a specific goal. However, since individual business are different, a solution that works for one client, might not be the best approach for another client. Having identified this common issue, we have taken a customized approach to providing technical implementations.

When a project arises, we strive to learn the ending result that our clients envision. Then, through our research and development team, we provide a number of solutions that will create the desired outcome.

These solutions can be chosen, and carried out, based on several variables such as: budgets, timelines, and feedback from our clients. As a result, our clients can work on other aspects of their business, and know that our team will provide the necessary technical requirements to achieve a solution based on our clients’ vision.



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